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Farsi Bookshop is an online bookshop offering a variety of books in the Persian language. The bookshop mainly provides educational books produced by Sam Publishing.
Sam Publishing was founded in 1994 in Stockholm Sweden. The idea for the first book was born out of a need for suitable Persian educational books aimed at students wanting to learn the language but living outside of Iran. Since then, the company has expanded and produced seven elementary course books.
The books have been written and edited by qualified teachers who have been working full-time as Persian language teachers in Stockholm for many years. They are specially designed to take all of the complexities, the limited abilities and the various issues affecting students who live abroad into consideration.
To learn one’s native language is part of the curriculum in Sweden and just like other courses the students receive a grade for it until they finish high school. The Persian language is therefore part of the education program and must follow specific guidelines and rules determined by the Department of Education of Sweden. For instance at the end of high school (ninth grade), the students should be familiar with history, geography, important events and the people of Iran.
The contents of the books produced by Sam Publishing are according to the framework set by the Department of Education. The suggestions and comments of numerous teachers have also been taken into account and each new version is updated with the necessary changes.

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